farmNXT platform addresses key agricultural segments such as Greenhouse, Urban Farming, Open Cultivation and Contract Farming. It enables farmers to plan, track and analyze their operations which results in optimized spending and enhanced profitability. farmNXT platform provides a holistic view into farming operations using real-time data and analytics designed to optimize the entire farm operations.

Greenhouse Cultivation

Greenhouses are high-tech production facilities to extend the growing season for vegetables, flowers, fruits and transplants. farmNXT - Greenhouse allows you to maximize yields and minimize production costs by optimizing parameters ...

Urban Farming

Urban farms are high-tech farms that typically are setup in buildings in urban areas. Produce is grown in stacks in many cases with no soil or sunlight. These farms utilize artificial lighting, climate control and in many cases hydroponics.

Open Field Cultivation

Open cultivation is conventional method of farming. Vast majority of farmers grow the produce in open fields, this farming method has its own set of challenges. Farmers have to cope with changes in climate, fluctuations in nature, pest and disease attacks, eroding soil health...

Contract Farming

Contract farming has been one of the mainstays of commercial agricultural production. It benefits both processing/marketing companies and farmers. farmNXT supports contract farming by enabling managed technical support, optimizing cultivation...


Flowers are one of the traditional crops grown in the protected environments of green houses. Floriculture has seen rapid growth and according to the Dutch Association of Wholesale Trade in Horticulture Products (VGB), the total value of the global cut flower market reached $31-Billion in 2011. farmNXT – Floriculture allows floriculture operations to be efficiently measured, tracked, scheduled and managed to achieve optimal utilization of resources and maximize returns.

Extensive Feature Set

With 20+ features farmNXT makes farming efficient and profitable