Open Field Cultivation

Open cultivation is a conventional method of farming. The vast majority of farmers grow produce in open fields. This farming method has its own set of challenges. Farmers have to cope with changes in climate, fluctuations in nature, pest and disease attacks, eroding soil health and depleting water tables. In order to be competitive in global scenarios, farmers need more than spreadsheets and notebooks to manage farms. farmNXTâ„¢ enables progressive farmers to manage farms with ease and profitability.

Open Cultivation Features:

  • Farm mapping using GPS devices
  • Produce Planning and Tracking
  • Variety Performance tracking
  • Labour/task Tracking
  • Fertigation Tracking
  • Chemical Spray Tracking
  • Input planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Cost analysis
  • Production Analysis
  • Post-harvest activity tracking
  • Dispatches Tracking
  • Vendor/supplier Management
  • Climate data tracking
farmnxt features