Floriculture Software

Flowers are one of the traditional crops grown in the protected environments of greenhouses. Floriculture has seen rapid growth and according to the Dutch Association of Wholesale Trade in Horticulture Products (VGB), the total value of the global cut flower market reached $31-Billion in 2011.  farmNXT™– Floriculture allows floriculture operations to be efficiently measured, tracked, scheduled and managed to achieve optimal utilization of resources and maximize returns.

Floriculture Features:

  • Track the number of plants, planting dates, varieties, planting areas, etc.
  • Forecast weekly/monthly production per greenhouse, by variety, etc.
  • Analyze production per greenhouse, per variety, per square meter of area
  • Produce production reports with respect to packing and grading operations
  • Produce reports on sales and performance enabling close monitoring of customers, varieties etc.
  • Analyze improvements in labor efficiency
  • Analyze weather data with respect to pest and disease occurrences allowing preventive actions to be taken
  • Provide management dashboards for all operations
  • Drill down to get specific information on a real-time basis
  • Provide a comprehensive decision support system