Farm mapping (GPS enabled)

Contour all your fields, greenhouses, nethouses, different sections of your farm to optimally manage all your operations. Pest Disease scouting, harvest information, field operations can be better managed using field mapping feature on your mobile devices.

Production management

Use the farmNXT features to plan your production based on the market / customer demand. Track the production on real time basis and take course correction measures.

Nutrient Management

farmNXT enables you to track the nutrients provided to the crop over a period of time. Based on the soil analysis reports and recommendations, plan your nutrient application optimally and help reduce the costs.

Crop protection

Manage and track crop protection measures, and review for efficacy. farmNXT also empowers you with spray schedule alerts,  and record keeping for certification.

Labour management

Labour is the single largest cost in most farming discipline. With farmNXT manage your farm labours better. Plan, track and analyze how the labour is being used in various activities. Capture labour attendance, create payment vouchers based on the labour provided and much more.

Inventory Management

farmNXT has extensive set of inventory management features. Easily register your suppliers, prepare necessary documentations, purchase new items with ease and track inventory effectively.

Equipment management

Apply the right tools for the right job, helps you save thousands of dollars. Amortize equipment and track how they affect your bottom line. farmNXT generates maintenance reminders for you.

Post-harvest management

Manage your post harvest operations with ease, keep the inventory details various grades, sorts. Helps you with customer dispatches, allows you to track the costs involved in the post harvest activities and make them more efficient.

Yield forecasts

farmNXT allows you to forecast the yield from all your farms, provide consolidated overviews. Helps plan your post harvest activities, dispatches and customer expectations. We use intuitive, self-correcting algorithms using historical data to make the forecasts more accurate.

Cost analysis

farmNXT allows you to track various cost centres, focus on the problem areas. Helps optimize/reduce your costs.

Production Analysis

The output varies with different seeds, varieties, farming practices etc. farmNXT provides tools to comprehensively track all of these to enable you to take informed decisions.

Weather analytics

Weather has the most critical impact on the farm outputs. It is imperative to track these impacts, provide intelligence based on the historical evidences using smart algorithms built in farmNXT.

Pest and Disease Scouting

Pest and diseases have most economic impact on profitability in farming. farmNXT’s advanced GPS enabled scouting app is a powerful tool to deal with this impact. Real time alerts of pests and disease reduces the lag between detection and action. It enables you to track the efficacy of the actions taken.

Traceability and certification

farmNXT provides farmers with complete crop/product visibility and traceability from seed to customer. Comply to global regulatory requirements with ease. Helps you get certified in HACCP, GAP and GHP.

Customer management

Maintain valuable relationship with customer. Keep record of all your customers in one place and always accessible at your finger tips. Knowing your customers well helps you sell better.

Sales management

farmNXT helps you manage your farm produce sales better. Sort produce based on quality, grade. Maintain detailed produce inventory. Deliver the right produce on time enhancing your customer confidence in you.

Supplier Management

farmNXT enables you to effectively plan, track, monitor and schedule purchases and deliveries of inputs and items required for farming from your suppliers.