Contract Farming

Contract farming has been one of the mainstays of commercial agricultural production. It benefits both farmers and processing/marketing companies. farmNXT™ supports contract farming by enabling managed technical support, optimizing cultivation practices, and scheduling material inputs. This ensures profitable crop prices for farmers, and consistent and predictable supply of crops for clients.

farmNXT™ Addresses

  • Involvement of multiple farmers
  • Geographically dispersed field locations
  • Multiple transactions between the contractor and farmers per crop cycle
  • Tracking of material resources and production output for farmers
  • Billing and sales accounting with farmers, vendors and clients

farmNXT™ Provides

  • Complete and real-time information on farms/fields
  • Monitoring of field status and health in a timely manner to the farmer
  • Tools for planning, scheduling and distribution of resources
  • Tools for planning and scheduling of deliveries from farms
  • Accounting utilities for financial management
  • Crop yield predictions