What is farmNXT?

We are a Canadian company with a team of experienced farmers and software engineers offering agricultural management software for greenhouse farms, vertical farms and open field cultivations. farmNXT Inc. provides the right tools for farmers to ensure profitability, higher yields, less costs and sustainable agricultural practices. We enable farmers to comply with global regulatory requirements, such as HACCP, GAP, GHP etc. We provide data-driven analytics on the interaction of weather, water and soil conditions, pest and disease detection, fertilizers and other farm operations. With our support, the modern farmer will make the best informed decisions to be able to compete on a large global scale.

Why farmNXT?

Today’s farmer competes not only with his neighbors but in global arena. To be profitable farmers need to produce more and spend less and sell right while dealing with vagaries of the nature, pest and disease, ever eroding soil health and depleting water resources. Compounding this challenge is a significant International focus on traceability (understanding where agricultural products originate — from source to destination) and GAP certification. farmNXT allows the farmers to manage their farming operations precisely by planning better and enabling them to track the operations in real time, make informed decisions with its farm analytics. farmNXT also enables farmers to implement sustainable agricultural practices.

Our Solution

farmNXT platform addresses key agricultural segments such as Floriculture, Greenhouse, Hydroponics and Contract Farming. farmNXT provides farmers with critical information regarding the soil health, water, weather, pest, disease and how these are impacting crops. The farmNXT platform provides a holistic view into farming operations using real-time data and analytics designed to optimize the entire supply chain. farmNXT is suitable for farmers involved in food processing, retailing, global exporting and hi-tech farming.

SMART technology, SIMPLE to implement, EASY to use

farmNXT is a cloud hosted SaaS application targeting the global farm management market. With simple customization, the farmNXT platform provides rapid onboarding with minimal training. farmNXT can be accessed from any connected device (PC, Mac, Mobile devices). Our committed team partners with our customers to ensure maximum benefits and ROI.
farmNXT application

Key benefits:

  • Helps the farm manager keep in touch with ground breaking new farming methods and technologies
  • Supports risk analyses and management
  • Supports efficient farm office management by facilitating the recording field records, livestock records, water management, accounting and much more
  • Uses geo-mapping technologies such as GPS, GPRS and RFID to support field mapping and scouting
  • Creates and produces field-operation maps to aid in tracking and accessing areas of interest
  • Tracks farm production processes
  • Supports other features including rainfall monitoring, weather forecast, crop price comparisons, and others

Get GAP, HACCP and GHP certified using farmNXT