Manage Multiple Farms

farmNXT allows you to manage multiple farms, greenhouses and contracted farms effectively and seamlessly.

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Customize Processes

farmNXT allows you to customize best practices for various crops based on your success stories and experiences.

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Forecast Harvests

farmNXT provides enhanced tools for production planning and yield projections, which enables better management of supply chain and market uncertainties.

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farmNXT enables automatic and better traceability which reduces the business and financial risk and improves customer perception of quality and food safety.

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Farm Analytics

farmNXT provides real-time data analytics on farm operations, input consumption, customer orders, product recalls and more.

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Weather Insights

farmNXT leverages agricultural weather information, irrespective of location, for a better understanding of field conditions to improve your farm operations.

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All new features With 20+ features farmNXT makes farming efficient and profitable
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Anshuman Subhedar

Without farmNXT it would have been impossible to manage thousands of farmers over hundreds of villages spread across three provinces. One of the best feature of farmNXT is seamless handling of farmer settlements. What I like most is that it is easy to use and affordable.

Anshuman Subhedar Director - Dewdrops Agritech ℗ Ltd.
B N Kuriakose

We have been using farmNXT from 2013 for Marigold Project. We found this package to be extremely value adding in keeping farmer database, tracking procurement of raw materials (fresh flowers) from individual farmers. Farmer wise reports can be generated without any hassle...

B N Kuriakose Sr. Specialist - Synthite Industries Ltd.